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New Hoverboard Fire Resistant Safe Charging Bag

New Hoverboard Fire Resistant Safe Charging Bag

Hoverboard Fire Proof Bag         Hoverboard Fire Safe Charging Bag

Hoverboard Vault is proud to announce the addition of our new fire resistant safe charging bags.  We have partnered with the largest manufacturer of battery safe bags for the RC industry and have produced bags to fit hoverboards.

Don't worry about Hoverboard Fires

Too many of our competitors sold hoverboards with inferior batteries and charging components.  Don't let one of these dangerous boards burn down your home.  Make sure to always charge your hoverboard in one of our safe bags.

Fire Bag Sizes 

We currently have bags that will fit 6.5 inch hoverboard models as well as 8 inch models.  We are working on a bag for 10 inch models and should have that done shortly.

All of our Hoverboards include a bag for free

Beginning immediately we will now include a free fire resistant safe charging bag with all hoverboard orders. This value cannot be found anywhere else.  Check out our hoverboard collection.

Purchase our new Hoverboard Fire Safe Bag here.

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